medium: performance | Oct, 2006

1. Statement:

One half-life spent being a Daughter, the other half devoted to being a Mom.
Every female when reaches adulthood also has to face the decision of becoming a Mom herself. The question is, how to create a smooth transition between two halves without making confliction in one body…
In order to get “1+1=1”?

My story

My mother is a calm, gentle, kind, hard-working Vietnamese woman. She loves me with all her heart and always gives me advices as well as has been looking after me all my life.
I myself, a daughter with stubbornness, love my mother so much but I hurt her feelings so many times when I didn’t take her advices or when my actions contrasted her will.
“Mother” is representative for love, insight came from her own life experiences she had in her life.
“Daughter” is representative for the dreams and desires of a person who just grown up: to discover the world and to prove her abilities.
Sometimes there is no common between our two worlds.
But Mum! It’s your experience. My life will not be a copy of yours. Let me do what I want, what I wish to do. The success might not come for instant but I can get my own experience from each failure to be able to succeed in the next time. Let me choose my own way. The same thing will be happen if I have a daughter, her life will not be a copy of mine.
Our wishes are not the same and we are different generations but we have one thing in common: we are both female.
These are just thoughts in my stubborn head… I wonder whether I will be a copy of my mother, when I have a daughter…
When I present this piece, I only think of my mother, myself and the future of me becoming a mother. I think about my mother’s tears for her obstinate daughter and my tears for her prejudice.
Those are tears from two halves: the “Mother” half and the “Daughter” half.
Both help to overcome the invisible line between mother and daughter so that we can understand each other much better… in order to get “1+1=1”.

Nguyen Thu Ha.

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