medium: installation | Aug, 2011 (exhibition info)

1. Statement:

I was in Beppu, Japan in an Artist in Residency Programme sponsored by JENESYS during late June to mid of August, 2011. Beppu is a tranquil old-town with its renowed “onsen” (hot springs) and traditional baths which is a pride of local people.

During 7 weeks residency in Beppu, I observed that my surrounding Japanese friends and colleagues are really nice, helpful and especially hard working peoples. Inspired by much admired characteristics of the landscape as well as the local people, I had refined some key words: karoshi (in Japanese it means death caused by overwork), relax, balance and steam.

When I was offered to use Beppu Eternal Theatre for my art project, I decided to convert this old historical space into a “steam place” where people can come and enjoy pure calmness – a modern onsen through my own intepretation.

2. Photos:

3. Video clip:

filmed & edited by Tomohiko Ogawa

Visual Artist
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