medium: installation | June, 2009

1. Statement:

“We are proud of our tradition – it shall be inherited and continued”

The above saying has became so common in Vietnam that it can now be heard almost anywhere, from primary school’s flag salute sessions to University’s graduation ceremonies, in conference speeches or festival’s offerings…

If history is something to be honored and proud of, that should be the pride and the treasure of a whole nation, of an entire ethnic or a family. Historical pride doesn’t belong to one!


What if tradition alone is not enough to help each individual inside the community to develop and grow? What if, instead of helping, all it really does is fading and softening each and every characters inside the society into something indistinguishable.

How to maintain and succeed to tradition are both the right and responsibility of current generation in order to create added values.

Things of the past can often be nostalgic, however, doesn’t it belong or reflect the present?

Of the three keywords: tradition, inherit and continue, I think more about ‘inherit’. This word reminds me of a question asked by a friend: “Suppose you are given a knife, how would you use it?”

“Whether what can not be changed and what will change, how would it change?
My identification process is continuing ….
Things had been identified
New ones …
Identification is a process ….”

Every man has either some places or some certain names that he hold dear during his life. To me, Yet Kieu street was one of those places where Vietnam University of Fine Arts is located at. This was where I studied for exact five years, like the beginning of a journey finding new keys to unlock my own identity. And for those in Vietnam who want to follow the call of Art seeking for his own way, Vietnam University of Fine Arts might as well be your starting point!

Nguyen Thu Ha

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