medium: performance | May, 2009

1. Statement:

Beloved fellow artists and audience. We are the Art Party in everyone’s hearts and minds. Following are some of our words that we would like to announce.

In order to reach our goals the Party has set up some rules and regulations we expect you to follow. Take them to your heart as words from a wise loving father to his son. In that way the-

Spirit of Art will never die!

All human beings are born as free and equal artists. All artists are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Through the language of Art, people of the world, no matter race or religion, political system or social background, can find mutual understanding.

Art has no boundaries!

The highest level of truth is the Art and the Artist is its intermediary. That makes the Artist the pillar of society. To make our society even greater and we want you to:

Make Art greater and more beautiful!

Protect the Art as you protect the pupil of your eye!

As a dancer has to know where a movement starts and stops, a painter has to know from where to where she draws her brush. Decisions have to be made at all times, decisions based on the great Artist’s experience. To get there you need discipline.

Discipline is the power of Art!

All for the future of our Art!
Yes we can!!!

On our way towards our goal we all have to make some sacrifice. You may go hungry you may be thirsty but your love for the Art and your Art Party will keep you going. Love for the Art will satisfy all your needs as it is the only true love.

Art lives forever in our hearts and minds!

Don’t let yourself get tempted in the wrong direction. During this journey we will meet difficulties. Many of whom we believe are our friends will turn against us, sometimes the danger can even come from within. Remember the most dangerous enemy is the wolf in sheep’s clothes.

A man who dreads trials and difficulties can not become a revolutionary Artist!

This is a holy war. Those that are not with us are against us. Everything and everyone that stands in our way will be terminated. Traitors will be punished and heroes rewarded. United we stand, divided we fall.

Nothing is more valuable than the independent Artists and the free Art!


pARTy members


2. Photos:


music by Jes Brinch

An art-performance by:
Nguyen Thu Ha, Nguyen Van Ho, Le Nguyen Manh, Ylva Landoff Lindberg, Radek Stypczynski

Thanks to: Jes Brinch and Vu Thi Trang at Hanoi Future Art

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