Where do YOU go next?

medium: installation and video art | Feb/Apr/Sept, 2008

1. Statement:

“Where should I go?”- that’s usually the first question people asks when they consider visiting an unfamiliar place. Sometimes they just que sera sera- go with the flow- but more often they check out travel literature and down load information about potential destinations.

They’ll fill themselves to the gills from “travel.com” and other amazing web sites, devour travel magazines and haunt tourist information stalls. They’ll be wide eyed over glossy postcard scenes and thoroughly ensnared by the luscious enticements presented by a sophisticated tourist industry.

For many countries Tourism offers enormous economic benefits. To attract tourists and their money they have to explore marketing avenues…. advertise cheap airfares, luxury resorts, eco tourism, world heritage listings, historical sites, use multi media to seduce with images, etc, etc, etc… but once there the tourist might begin to be see other realities and come to understand what lies beyond the brochures and their digitally brushed images. They might begin to understand the living culture, look past the scenery into the lives of the inhabitants.

Tourism, at its best, could be summarized as seeing with your own eyes, hearing with your own ears and wanting to explore beyond the popular boundaries.

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3. Video clip:

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